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the intergovernmental panel on climate change.
site of tim flannery, writer-scientist and thinker in environmental science. great educational and devoted site!
a lot of very important stuff here. (check out the diskussion around james lovelock’s statement…)
site connected to the documentary ‘an inconvenient truth’ by davis guggenheim. check out and learn from al gore’s powerpoint presentation. very important facts!
the site provides info and constructive possibilities for action to stop co2 emission
big ask
a friends of the earth campaign concerning climate change (w/ thom yorke/radiohead)
if you really have to fly, this is a possibility how you can pay an amount of money for the emissions caused through you, which will be used to save emissions and protect the climate at another place. the amount will be calculated individually, according to height and length of flight with the appropriate emissions.

declaration of human rights
reading it through makes you think…
‘working to protect human rights worldwide’
amnesty international germany. they have a magazine out, as well!
supports the non-violent struggle for independence and freedom for tibet which has been colonized and abused by china for nearly 60 years now, so that its culture and ecosystems are close to being extinct. tibets culture is based on a spiritual and not a materialistic perception of the world. inform yourself…

confederation of organizations working to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice. they are working, amongst other issues, for fair trade
oxfam germany
international human rights organization focusing on the right for food.
since the world agriculture produces more than necessary to feed all of humanity, hunger and starvation is man made! can inform yourself about how to participate as little as possible
the german section of fian international

please check these sites and learn a bit about the money system you are living in. it’s outrageous! broken down it is very simple and clear and with devastating effects (for those who do not belong to the rich ones). one effect of the ‘interests’ is that in germany around 10% of the population own 90% of  the capital. worldwide (and with the ongoing undamped globalization) it is getting worse/more extreme.
you will also find support and possibilities how to take an influence on what’s going on
german site where you can get acces to basic info/education on the money system and a lot more. very committed site. contains international language texts, as well
website from prof.dr.margrit kennedy. gives you insight into our current money system, on complementary currencies and more. she is really exploring new ways of dealing with and thinking ‘money’. site is in german and english
hughe library dealing with money, interest and debt issues. they do also have international language texts
with this german bank you still participate in the conventional system with interests and all, but at least you have a bit control over what your money is being used for. (because, you know, the bank makes money with your money…it doesn’t just stay there and wait for you… -and with what and how they make business, I guess, pretty often you wouldn’t be ok with …)
ethical, ecological banks
internationally you’ll find acces to these banks for example via friends of the earth
german archive-website (providing access to some sites in english) dealing with questions and problems of work and employment within society. they are proposing an unconditional basic income for all citizens.
confrontation with this topic might just cause the one or the other revelation…
is exposing the environmental and social impacts of global corporations
their objective is to highlight the link between the exploitation of natural resources and human rights abuses
attac international. movement for alternatives to globalization. they mainly work for a democratic control over finance markets and its institutions. very important and committed network. you’ll find access easily
attac germany. there are many local groups, as well.
german non-governmental organization (ngo) active on issues like trade, environment and north-south relations
the corporation / links
great and informative links concerning the world/system we are living in and possibilities to participate in change
this documentary by stefanie black will help you to become a more responsible consumer and to understand the term globalization…it deals with the effects of globalization on jamaica
a documentary by hubert sauper. ‘darwin’s nightmare is a tale about humans between the north and the south, about globalization, and about fish.’ – very alarming reality check…
a documentary by erwin wagenhofer. ‘a film about food and globalization. …it provides insights into the production of our food and answers the question what world hunger has to do with us.’ – same here…
devoted site for action against effects of globalization. ‘the take’ is avi lewis and naomi klein’s documentary on argentinian auto-parts workers who occupy their closed factory until production starts again. the workers struggle is set against the backdrop of a crucial presidential election in argentina, 2001.
important swedish author and historian (for example: ‚extermiate the brutes’ … great book/novel examining colonialism in africa. …very contemporary!…check the eclectic input for more info)

these sites will provide you with news gathered from different independent sources, thus: a lot of the stuff you find here you won’t find in the regular news…
independent news and information portal (german)
independent news program, radio and TV, airing in North America and online
international network of media and activists for independent and non-commercial news
german indymedia version
noam chomsky
a lot of material by a brilliant thinker and activist. get an insight into the political and social system we are living in. interviews, essays etc.
noam chomsky / wiki
a community of people committed to social change
‚universal access to human knowledge.‘ – incredible online archive of all sorts of media
very lively party, protest and news site coming from brighton, uk

digital civil rights / data protection
european digital rights was founded in june 2002. currently 28 privacy and civil rights organisations have edri membership. they are based or have offices in 17 different countries in europe. members of european digital rights have joined forces to defend civil rights in the information society.
chaos computer club. europe’s largest hacker group

note: english and german wikipedia pages differ in content

Fritjof Capra
a physicist, systems theorist and author (‘the tao of physics’, ‘hidden connections: a science for sustainable living’ amongst others), cofounder of the center for ecoliteracy in california.
Find online publications of Fritjof Capra here.
About Fritjof Capra / wiki
James Lovelock / wiki
scientist, environmentalist, author and researcher. author of the GAIA theory which puts forward the idea that the earth functions as if it were a living organism
Vandana Shiva / wiki
a physicist, ecologist, activist and author (‚earth democracy‘, ‚biodiversity: social and ecological perspectives‘, ‚water wars: privatization, pollution and profit‘ amongst others) and founder of Navdanya: Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology
find her Znet homepage with many publications here.
Noam Chomsky
a lot of material by a brilliant thinker and activist. get an insight into the political and social system we are living in. interviews, essays etc.
About Noam Chomsky / wiki
Joanna Macy
ph.d, scholar of buddhism, general systems theory and deep ecology. creator of a theoretical framework for personal and social change, and a workshop methodology for its application. author (‚coming back to live: practices to reconnect our lives, our world‘ amongst others)
About Joanna Macy / wiki
Edward Goldsmith
founder of ‘the ecologist’ magazine. environmentalist, philosopher and author. received the alternative nobelprize in 1991. on his site you will find a lot of articles, interviews, radioshows etc. if you want to learn about an ecological worldview, goldsmith’s site is a great source. english, francais, italiano
Christopher Alexander / wiki
architect, architecture theorist and author (‚a pattern language‘, ‚the nature of order‘ amongst others). his work is very inspirational to many different fields
Scott Nearing / wiki
a professor for economy and author (‘living the good life…’ amongst others) who put his thoughts and ideals into action

Deep Ecology / wiki
philosophical movement that considers humankind as an integral part of its environment. the term was introduced by norwegian philospher arne naess. notable advocates of deep ecology are amongst others Stephan Harding, Dolores Lachapelle and Joanna Macy.
– David Abram, Stephan Harding, Per Espen Stoknes, Per Ingvar Haukeland –
the alliance for wild ethics (awe) is a consortium of individuals and organizations working to ease the spreading devastation of the animate earth through a rapid transformation of culture.
‘critical thinking on political, cultural, social and economic life’; online mag and more.
please browse through it! – it’s more than an alternative to current news magazines
german version/translations

global ecovillage network
you will find directories, information, links…
network of/for intentional communities
a great directory (book) for ecovillages and intentional communities in europe

builders without borders
international network of ecological builders who advocate the use of straw, earth and other local, affordable materials in construction. great links!

asbn österreichisches strohballen netzwerk
biggest site in german language concerning strawbale and ecological building

transitionculture/rob hopkins: links on natural building
great links from a pro

i think it is an enriching experience for everybody to have the possibility to participate directly in natural organic processes und to establish a more immediate relationship with nature. – even if this happens through some flowerpots or something. a next step would be to plant something you can eat later on…
all this is pretty easy and possible nearly anywhere (you’ll be surprised!).
it is also a possibility for kids to establish a connection to nature and her cycles, who usually don’t have many opportunities for this within their urban environment.
the following links might give you inspiration, support, practical help and suggestions…dig it!
permaculture in london
from nyc: ‚green guerillas uses a unique mix of education, organizing, and advocacy to help people cultivate community gardens, sustain grassroots groups and coalitions, engage youth, paint colorful murals, and address issues critical to the future of their  gardens.’ they are around for quite a while…
a blog from london ‚for anyone who is interested in the war against the neglect of public space’
urban gardening help provides – urban gardening help…
great site. ‚the city dwellers guide to fresh and healthy home-grown food’
german website around guerilla gardening. you will find support, infos, input…
also in english: website and documentary films on community gardening all over the world.
bring life into your kitchen! guy from germany who builds boxes for composting indoors. he provides the earthworms, as well. great idea!
initiative of a guy in berlin to encourage people to use public spaces around city trees and green them
incredibly extensive site about gardening
site of a german beekeeper. although he lives in the countryside: beekeeping is possible in cities, too! on this site you’ll get an introduction to beekeeping (in german, though…) and links to investigate further…i suggest you find out about beekeepers in your area