an extensive, very helpful and supportive site on babys, children and parenting – ‘the base’, in my book…
you will find fundamental information and knowledge about dynamics and coherences that everyone of us is dealing with and that constitute to a great extent our quality of life.
check the introduction and the text excerpt ‚human defense mechanisms‘ under ‚texts & excerpts‘ .
‚pastrealityintegration‘ is the name for a therapy developed by drs. ingeborg bosch-bonomo.
on the psychology of change

Activism / Where to start… Print E-mail
the world in action. ‚join with people around the world in taking action on pressing global issues‘. multilingual site.
offers a possibility to become politically active in a very simple and direct way. don’t think you can’t do anything anyway. …a great way to use the web!
the german version of

‘working to protect human rights worldwide’. you can inform yourself and take action
amnesty international germany. they have a magazine out, as well!
since we are all consumers, and thus more or less chained to exploitative practices of corporations, and since these corporations depend on us to make their profit, we also have the power to impose a change: please check this site (it’s international) and get the book (‘Das Neue Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen’ – will soon be translated into english, i guess). it will provide you with insight, constructive support, ideas what to do and a lot of links
attac international. movement for alternatives to globalization. they mainly work for a democratic control over finance markets and its institutions. very important and committed network. you’ll find access easily
attac germany. there are many local groups, as well.

official site of greenpeace international. again: you can inform yourself and take action…
greenpeace germany
we are what we
a movement intending to inspire people to use their every day actions to impose a change. you’ll definitely find some ideas here…
we are what we
their german site
find out about your ecological footprint or should i say: find out what it is…?
worldwide opportunities (to work) on organic farms. might be a beautiful and enriching experience! (did it myself…) you work for food and shelter. international organisation
national organization of wwoof, germany

initiative from berlin and new york ‚…to turn apathy into activity’.
very innovative project to share and create a network of knowlegde. dropping knowlegde offers a global dialogue platform for important questions of our time, as well as for art and culture. ask, learn, browse, find like-minded people and connect…

We are facing a world of declining energy and resource availability and this will have profound effects on our society and lifestyle.
essential website on energy and resource availability
publications of international network of scientists

‚an evolving exploration into the head, heart and hands of energy descent‘
discussions about energy and our future. great resources
the post carbon institute assists communities in the effort to relocalize and to adapt to an energy constrained world
ASPO international (Association for the study of peak oil and gas)
ASPO Germany
crudeimpact.comwatch an excerpt of the movie
website of peak oil documentary ‚Crude Impact‘ by James Jandak Wood
website of peak oil documentary ‚A Crude Awakening‘ by Basil Gelpke & Ray McCormack
german site on peak oil
information on environmental, social and economic trends provided by the world resources institute
all on renewable energies (german)

The permaculture concept, as well as the transition towns model integrates this knowledge and thus offers one possibility to find pathways towards an alternative form of society. The very basis for this concept is a systemic/integrated view of life .
great online version of the british resurgence magazine. you’ll find an eclectic mix of articles around ecology, alternative education, spirituality, sustainable development and the arts
great and inspiring input. essays, interviews and more around sustainability, cultural history and cultural change, systems thinking, ecological living…
‚public service broadcasting for a postcarbon world‘. project of the post carbon institute, you will find a lot of info, support and network activities (relocalization network…).
online magazine/media organization that ‚comprises a global network of independent journalists, designers and thinkers covering the world’s most intelligent solutions to today’s problems.‘
a very fast growing web magazine dedicated to ‚everything that has a modern aesthetic, yet is environmentally responsible. our goal is to make sustainability mainstream…‘
great website: ‚low-impact living initiative (LILI) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to help people reduce their impact on the environment, improve their quality of life, gain new skills, live in a healthier and more satisfying way, have fun and save money‘
german directory; you’ll find pretty much everything from alternative energy companies to organic food shops in your area. check ‘portale’…
excellent network and information site concerning environment and sustainable living! very extensive. you’ll find everything from links to info to job offers ‘in canada and beyond’…
very extensive site. you will find authors, concepts, support….
german initiative promoting cultural change/evolution

offers definitions and backround-information. great environmental dictionary

Blogs around sustainable living
energiewende blog
the center for ecoliteracy in berkeley, california is dedicated to education for sustainable living. it promotes ecolology and systems thinking in primary and secondary education, is a center for seminars and more.
cofounded by fritjof capra. – to me this is one of the most important and integrated educational concepts i found up to now. great links under ‘resources’, as well

an ‚international team of educators developing curricula and courses on development for sustainable urban and rural settlements‘ (‚ecovillage design studies‘ and more)
extraordinary center for interdisciplinary studies in big sur, california
an international center for ecological/integrated/interdisciplinary studies in great britain. excellent and high-quality courses, seminars and educators/professors. excellent links…
the schumacher organization is promoting human scale sustainable development

center for alternative technology, located in wales
cat aims to ‚inspire, inform and enable’ people to live more sustainably
is a movement founded by dr.vandana shiva (physicist, ecologist, activist and author) in india. it is born of a vision that celebrates diversity in nature and culture.
they give courses and have programs, as well.
‚we work for earth democracy by promoting fundamental rights and responsibilities to seed, food, and water to ensure that all species and societies evolve to their full potential.’
The ‚Edible Schoolyard‘ is an initiative at Martin Luther King, Jr Middle School in Berkeley, CA. Their mission is ‚to create  and sustain an organic garden and landscape that is wholly integrated into the school’s curriculum and lunch program. It involves the students in all aspects of farming the garden – along with preparing, serving and eating the food – as a means of awakening their senses and encouraging awareness and appreciation of the transformative values of nourishment, community, and stewardship of the land.‘
Meanwhile the concept of the project is being used by other schools, as well.
the environmental literacy council offers a clear, comprehensible access to ecological coherences, questions, problems and principles. here you can inform yourself and learn and create the basis for an environmental literacy
beautiful concept. they offer permaculture workshops and more, based in the us
dito. they also have international programs
excellent project from hamburg/germany for education concerning ‘global learning’ and sustainability
‚the project wants to offer pupils the chance to understand global dependencies and encourage them to take an active part in the struggle for a just and secure future for all. getting to know and respect other cultures and learning about living and working conditions of people elsewhere can be turned into an exciting discovery and an enriching experience.’
site of australian co-originator of the permaculture concept david holmgren. his work represents maybe the most evolved state of the permaculture concept
scenario planning for the cultural implications of peak oil and climate change by permaculture co-originator david holmgren
easy access to the permaculture ethics and design principles with cleangraphics and simple explanations
the permaculture research institute in australia;
bill mollison and david holmgren are the originators of the permaculture concept
permaculture network and permaculture association, great-britain
permaculture network and news/magazine, u.s.a
permacultura america latina, organization supporting grassroots sustainable development initiatives in poor and indigenous communities throughout latin america
permaculture academy, germany
association for permaculture, germany
permaculture academy in the alp-area
information on permaculture initiatives in german-speaking countries

permaculture / wiki
english / español / deutsch

here you will find some texts & excerpts about permaculture
beautiful initiative from England. from and for those who realize what kind of impact peakoil and climatechange will have on our society and lifestyle
the post carbon institute assists communities in the effort to relocalize and to adapt to an energy constrained world
‚what can we do about peak oil and climate change? the community is the solution‘
open international organisation and network to support the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) concept. website in french, english, spanish and portuguese. inform yourself about the concept! be inspired, look for a farmer and start one! csa is a great concept for a direct urban-countryside connection, for sustainable and just land management and economy, as well as healthy and communal food-supply
bioneers is a nonprofit organization and forum that promotes ‚practical environmental solutions and innovative social strategies for restoring the Earth and communities.‘
members of the organization are people from various backgrounds. great and active network!

the natural capital institute is an excellent and committed organization and network ‚helping society move towards a socially just and environmentally restorative existence‘. the are the creators of
second nature works with faculty and administrators at colleges and universities to help make the principles of sustainability the foundation of all learning, practice, and
collaboration with local communities. they are ‘helping higher education to move from good intentions to strategic action’
the natural step, originating in sweden, is working internationally ‚to accelerate global sustainability by guiding companies, communities and governments onto an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable path‘
the ‘global action plan’ is a network of organizations that work on supporting and empowering people to live and work increasingly sustainable
the rocky mountain institute is a nonprofit organization, which was founded in 1982 by l.hunter lovins and amory b. lovins and which by now supports businesses, communities, governments and individuals to ‘create more wealth and employment, protect and enhance natural and human capital, increase profit and competitive advantage, and enjoy many other benefits—largely by doing what they do far more efficiently.’
together with paul hawken they developed the concept of ‘natural capitalims’ ( )
german/international dictionary on sustainability. a lot of information! yet, what is often missing for me is the practical, ‘every day life’ accessibility. but anyway: a great source on info, institutions, projects and more

there are many and they are getting more!…
open international network to support the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) concept . website in french, english, spanish and portuguese. inform yourself about the concept, which is a great concept for a healthy, just and sustainable world and already being practiced all over the world
transition network
open international network of transition town initiatives: ‚tackling peak oil and climate change, together‘
a community directory and networking forum. ’serving the people who are transforming the world.‘ a really great tool
‚its key role is turning public attention toward sustainable development and efficiently using donations (money, time, materials) to realize this goal.‘
very active german social network for a better, greener world…
‚people in need of support meet others who want to help. one to one. worldwide.‘
‚an interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters, and take steps toward building a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives.‘
german social network site for anyone who thinks ‚green‘, wants to take action, connect…
network and forum facilities connected to ‚an international platform for unconventional cooperation‘. feel invited!

friends of the earth, great britain
very accessible site. these two foe sites may give you a lot of info, news and possibilities on where or how to become active
friends of the earth, usa
u.s. site of the world’s largest network of environmental groups. you’ll find very valuable and important info here
friends of the earth, germany. very extensive site, as well
official site of greenpeace international
greenpeace germany
inspiring and committed foundation of an inspiring and committed woman. julia butterfly hill got known by living in an over 1000 year old redwood tree to keep it from being cut down.
german activists for the environment. you’ll find a lot of (also practical) information
jean-michel cousteau’s society for ocean protection; this guy is a major activist and on a major mission. very informative and committed site. many links
organisation of french environmentalist, photographer and journalist Nicolas Hulot. ‘environmentalist’ and ‘committed’ seem to go together…
european youth for action
‚our main aim is to encourage young people’s initiative and autonomy and provide environmental activists, collectives and individuals from every corner of europe with a platform for cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience. we do this by supporting and organising actions, seminars, trainings and other events in europe.’ – dito!
a beautiful idea/initiative on how to preserve woods and wildlife
organization that ‚works to defend biodiversity in our food supply, spread taste education and connect producers of excellent foods with co-producers through events and initiatives.’ very active initative, founded in italy. check the ‚manifesto’…
slowfood germany
open international organisation and network to support the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) concept. website in french, english, spanish and portuguese. inform yourself about the concept! be inspired, look for a farmer and start one! csa is a great concept for a direct urban-countryside connection, for sustainable and just land management and economy, as well as healthy and communal food-supply
LocalHarvest is America’s #1 organic and local food website. We maintain a definitive and reliable “living” public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources.
plants for a future. ‚there are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world yet fewer than 20 species now provide 90% of our food. however, there are hundreds of less well known edible plants from all around the world which are both delicious and nutritious. – great site and database
german association and label for fair trade
‘weltläden’ (worldshops) offer products from fair trade

extensive site on all aspects of organic agriculture. info, education possibilities, links…
german organization for organic agriculture
a documentary by erwin wagenhofer. ‘a film about food and globalization. …it provides insights into the production of our food and answers the question what world hunger has to do with us.’

check out the beauty of diversity…and its impact/importance (e,d)
great and important site! initiative to keep conventionally and organically grown seeds free of genetically modified organisms. (…which would be seed distributed and brought out by seed-corporations. effects of the modified seeds would be, next to the loss of biodiversity and possible, not yet known effects on our health, the dependency on the seed-corporations and their products.)
you will find news, activities, documents and info… – international site
inform yourself!..
french association involved in the protection of biodiversity and in the production and distribution of biodynamic and organic seeds of heirloom varieties of vegetables and grains… they published a beautiful book with all their varieties! – site has french, english and portuguese version
bingenheimer saatgut ag, germany. important initiative, which was founded to produce and provide enough conventionally and organically/biodynamically grown seeds. you can order seeds and get a lot of info. they are linked internationally