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_Sat/Sun, 23th/24th may 2009, 11-18h
Workshop in Berlin
The permaculture concept offers a path to a simpler, more sustainable and better-quality life.
The idea of permaculture integrates a great variety of knowledge and provides very practical tools that are useful for/can be applied by everyone and in everyday life.
It integrates a way of (systems)thinking and the use of design principles in order to create sustainable systems in a wide range of fields, be it in nature or society.
Bring material for documentation, Memorystick
Cost: 120 €, reduction possible
Organisation: Art, Ecology & Education

Please contact us for more information and registration.

_Sat/Sun, 16th/17th may 2009, 10-18h
Workshop Exchange Weekend / Connecting Art, Life and Nature
The Art Laboratory, Amsterdam

An intensive weekend of short workshops and lectures by diverse artists sharing and relating their work to the environment/sustainability, nature and conscious living
Registration required.
For more information please contact: MARCELAGIESCHE @

_Sat, 18th april 2009
Art, Ecology & Education meets Community Garden Project ‚Hort Comunitari de Gracia‘ in Barcelona

_Sun, 8th march 2009, 8.30pm
Art, Ecology & Music
Since we see music and dance as an integral and vital part of life-sustaining communities…:
Enjoy Bruma (Federico Ottavianelli) and Diego Rial from Argentina on a cozy sunday evening at Gartenstudio, Berlin.
Bruma is a tango singer who will enchant you with his voice and stories…
There will be a little food (you can bring more, if you want) and some basic drinks (dito…).
Bring friends, invite people you like…

Location: Gartenstudio, Naunynstrasse 53, B-Kreuzberg
Time: 20.30h
Fee: Donation based

Have a look at/listen to Bruma (Frederico Ottavianelli) con Duo Encuentro on youtube

_Thu 29th of Jan 09, 4-8pm
Art, Ecology & Education at the Club Transmediale 09 in Berlin:
Free Knowledge Market by Bank of Common Knowledge /
Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2

_Thu 22nd of Jan 09, 7.30pm
Art, Ecology and Food
Feel invited to a cozy gathering preparing and sharing great food and enjoying beautiful music at the Gartenstudio.
Of course the food is local and seasonal…
Let us know in time, max up to one day in advance (wed 21 jan) if you would like to eat with us (or if you in the end won’t make it…), since there is only limited space.
The donation would be 4€.
We will start cooking at 7.30pm and look forward to see you there.
Of course you can stop by spontaneously as well, might just be a bit tighter then…:-)

Location: Gartenstudio, Naunynstrasse 53, B-Kreuzberg

_12-14 Dec 08 Integral Ecoawareness Laboratory in Berlin

_Wed 10 Dec 08, 19.00h
AEE at Pitch for Inspiration
Location: selfHUB, Erkelenzdamm 59-61, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

_Thu 27 Nov 08, 20.00h
Personal experiences with the Pehuenche in Chile and their struggle to preserve their culture
An evening with Dario Jana-Castro
(Kolleg for Management and Design of Sustainable Development, ( and one of the directors of the International Summeruniversity ( in Chile)

Together with a group of comrades Dario Jana-Castro founded the „Grupo de Acción por el Biobío“ (GABB) in order to inhibit an ecologically questionable embankment dam project at the Biobío. This project would have led to the displacement of the indigenous Penhuenche people. The initiative became the fundament of humanrights and environmental movements in the young democracy after military dictatorship, and it sparked a nationwide discussion on alternative development.
In 1998 the initiative received the Alternative Nobelprice.
On this evening Dario Jana-Castro will talk about his life with the Penhuenche and provide access to the culture and ways of thinking of the indigenous people of Chile.

We are looking forward to inspiring input, slides and open exchange.
The selfHUB is located at: Erkelenzdamm 59-61, Portal 1, 3. OG, 10999 Berlin – Kreuzberg

_Thu 30 October, 20.00h
Reading with Jörg Petzold, Actor
‚Indigenous Teachings – Knowledge and Inspiration for Sustainable Living‘
Texts and excerpts from different sources

‚Wealth means: a deep understanding of the natural world‘.
Inuit definition of wealth

‚The great sea
Has sent me adrift
It moves me
As the weed in a great river
Earth and great weather
Move me
Have carried me away
And move my inward parts with joy.‘
Inuit song

Afterwards open exchange, music, ‚AEE lounge’…
Come by and bring friends!
Location: Cafe Graefchen, Graefestrasse 82, Berlin-Kreuzberg

_Thu 9 Oct 2008, 20:30h
Screening of ‚Zeitgeist – Addendum‘
The movie is the sequel the of ‚Zeitgeist‘, produced by Peter Joseph, which was created as a nonprofit expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are / how politicians and the media present them.
‚Zeitgeist‘ was awarded Best Feature Film at the 2007 Artivist Awards.
‚Zeitgeist – Addendum‘ has its world-premiere on October 2nd at the Artivist’s Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Location: Das Hotel, Mariannenstrasse 26a, B-Xberg

April – July 08 AEE at the selfHUB Berlin:

The selfHUB is located at Erkelenzdamm 59-61, Portal 1, 3. OG, 10999 Berlin – Kreuzberg


Wednesday, 02.04.08, 20:30
‚A Crude Awakening / The Oilcrash‘, documentary by Basil Gelpke & Ray McCormack
Screening and Discussion

Wednesday, 16.04.08, 20:00, 3€
Paradigm Shift – The Basis for Sustainability
“A paradigm can be seen as an entire constellation of beliefs, values and techniques, and so on, shared by the members of a given community” (Kuhn) Thus a paradigm shift will change the way the individual perceives reality.
Startingpoint for this open discussion to this topic are two short video-excerpts:
‚The Web of Life‘ – Fritjof Capra, Physicist, Systems Theorist and Author, Co-Founder of the Center for Ecoliteracy in California
‚Beyond Deep Ecology‘ – Satish Kumar, NGO Director, Peace Activist, Editor of Resurgence Magazine and Programm Director at Schumacher College, U.K.

Wednesday, 30.04.08, 20:00
Basic Knowledge for Sustainable Living: Peak Oil – The impacts for our society and lifestyle
Screening of Crude Impact (OV), documentation by James Jandak Wood
For those of you, who did not see our first screening on peak oil: Crude Impact is a documentary that Chris Vernon from has described as ‚the best documentary on the subject’. Afterwards is again space for discussion and exchange.

Wednesday, 14.05.08, 20:00
Creative Answers to Peak Oil and Climate Change:
Transition Towns, England and Navdanya, India

Presentation and Discussion

Wednesday, 28.05.08, 20:00
Amandla! – A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony (OV)
An inspiring documentary on the history and the power of song in South Africa and on what role it played in the revolution.
„The apartheid government took everything away from people, but it couldn’t stop them from singing.“ (Lee Hirsch, Director)
This film makes clear what importance music has in sustaining communities. Thus if we are interested in creating sustainable communities, this is an issue we might want to look at and learn about…
Stop by, bring friends and interested people, pass on the info.
Afterwards there will be space for discussion and exchange.

Wednesday, 25.06.08, 19:00
The Maya and the time of change – an insight into an indigenous culture
An evening with Dr. Omar Miranda Novales

Wednesday, 9.07.08, 20:00
CSA / Community Supported Agriculture – Conscious consumption one step ahead
For this evening we invited the CSA Project Staudenmüller, which is located close to Berlin. You will have the possibility to learn about the CSA concept and meet people working with it directly.
Basic thought of a CSA is that a farm provides food for people within its surroundings , while the people provide the necessary (financial) means for production. Both sides take responsibility for the other.
This is one way how you can support organic farming and local farms in a direct way. The farms will be less dependend on ‚the market‘ and corporations and you get fresh, seasonal, regional food…

Art, Ecology & Education supports the first german Transition Town Initiative in Berlin:

Energiewende/Transition Town Initiative Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

We are looking forward to exchange, workshops and celebrations throughout 2009!

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